PEF s.r.l

Azienda PEF

PEF srl (ex Pevianifrutta) was founded in 1980. Being integral part of the group Peviani S.p.a. of Milan, where there are its registered offices, while the commercial offices are in Chioggia (VE).

The firm is specialized in the production and packaging of carrots, radicchio, tomatoes, pumpkins, onions, melons, hot peppers, zucchini and potatoes. All products are exported all over Europe (Germany, Switzerland, England, Austria, France, Scandinavian countries, East countries).

The firm has two plants in Italy, located in production areas which give the possibility to offer customers an always fresh product all year long. PEF srl, in the respect of the environment, has realized in the plant in Ispica a photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 200kW, able to supply the 80% of the energy need and saving the release to the atmosphere of about 160 ton of CO2 a year.

PEF srl has obtained the Globalgab certification: Documento PDF  

IFS certifications 2015: IFS Chioggia Documento PDF and IFS Ispica Documento PDF

The Peviani group's philosophy

  • Production with integrated pest management system
  • Products traceability
  • Advanced packaging technology


We produce in three different strategic areas: