Large-retail trade

Fresh vegetables all year long, packed and delivered to the large-scale retail of entire Europe

There is a thing that large-scale retail buyers like so much: when they call PEF the answer is fast and it is always yes, the product is ready. The continuity of carrots, radicchio, zucchini, sugar loaf and cherry tomatoes is guaranteed all year round.
Thanks to our organization and product availability, we can meet the needs of the GDO across Europe. Every day trucks are loaded in and out to deliver certified, healthy, quality, checked and packaged vegetables.


In recent years the demand for quality fruit and vegetables has grown, thanks to the greater sensitivity of people towards healthy eating. The fruit and vegetable department plays a strategic and identifying role in the eyes of the consumer. It has become a business card that buyers must take into account. 


Thanks to PEF it is possible to supply the customers all year round with Sicilian and Chioggia carrots, with Chioggia radicchio, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and sugar loaf.


PEF is a partner in many European distribution chains. We can deliver bulk product when we want to bring out the freshness and leave the consumer the freedom to choose how much to buy and what type of packaging to use to reduce the environmental impact, or we can deliver packaged product to favour other aspects that are important to the consumer, such as hygiene, convenience and speed of purchase. The package can be supplied or we can use the packages with our brands designed to hit and motivate the consumer to purchase.


Every day the products arrive from the countryside to the factory in Ispica or Chioggia and are processed in the day: washed, selected, packaged and shipped in a few hours. Only in this way we are sure to deliver to families excellent products, grown in favourable, certified and healthy natural environments.


All our products are certified (GS, Global Gap, Grasp) and comply with the ethical code that PEF has given itself to protect the work done by the entire supply chain. We are part of the Consortium of protection of Radicchio di Chioggia PGI, Consortium Carota Novella di Ispica PGI, Consortium Pomodoro Pachino PGI to offer more guarantees and make a team with those who love and protect our territory.


We have chosen to produce our vegetables with the method of integrated control. The entire supply chain is tracked and the technological investments of recent years increase even more the value of the final product and the service we can offer to each of our customers.


For more information, Alberto Mazzagallo and Lisa Assenza, two people dedicated to the needs of the large-scale retail, are at your disposal.



Operational offices

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