The best production areas to deliver quality to distributors and HORECA throughout Europe.

Freshness, quality at source and selected product are the basis for offering a hassle-free service to all European distributors and to the HORECA sector. Every day trucks arrive at the PEF company to load fresh, certified, healthy vegetables, to be delivered in all European countries for restaurants, bars, hotels, canteens and catering services.

The trend of consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables is growing year after year. Vegetables are healthy and always included in a diet that strengthens daily and long-term well-being. Even in the world of HO.RE.CA. vegetables are increasingly valued and proposed in the menus thanks to new cooking techniques and presentation: from snacks to broths, from Poke salads to smoothies.


The products on which trade relations are based are PEF’s flagship vegetables, namely carrots, radicchio, zucchini, sugar loaf and cherry tomatoes. Depending on the needs and the moment, we can add other vegetables thanks to the network of connections that we have built in recent years with other important realities of producers.

In a few minutes we can add potatoes, onions, rocket, other salads, mini-watermelons, pumpkins and many other types of products.

All PEF products are certified (IFS, Global Gap, Grasp) and comply with the PEF code of ethics to protect the work done by the supply chain.
We are part of Consortium of protection Radicchio di Chioggia PGI, Consortium Carota Novella di Ispica PGI, Consortium Pomodoro Pachino PGI, to offer excellence in the Italian territory. Precisely these vegetables are grown and processed according to strict disciplinary provisions provided by the Consortia. 

PEF vegetables are grown using the integrated control method. Our supply chain is traced and to this we add the important technological investments made in recent years that have increased the value of the final product and the service we can offer to each of our customers, according to their needs.

For more information, Mariachiara Boscolo Bielo is the person dedicated to the needs of distributors and HORECA.



Operational offices

Via P.E. Venturini 248 - 30015 CHIOGGIA (VE) - Italy

+39 041 491544


C. da Garzalla - 97014 ISPICA (RG) - Italy

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