Ideal territory for Carota Novella PGI and other famous vegetables

The climate of Ispica, in Sicily, is temperate of Mediterranean type. The soil is sandy.

Two perfect conditions the production of the best carrots and other specialties throughout the year.

We chose the location of Ispica to guarantee exclusive production of short-chain vegetables all year round.

Winters in Sicily are mild and therefore we can count on a substantial production in the period from October to March. The sun is the best ally to grow healthy vegetables and rich in organoleptic qualities.


The production area of vegetables and carrots in Ispica, province of Ragusa, is along the coast, near the sea, where the land is well drained of medium dough. The sea breeze and mild climate offer the opportunity to anticipate horticultural production to bring fresh products to the market even out of season.

The agricultural area in Ispica covers about 1,200 hectares. Since the 1970s, we have been growing here an area of 120 hectares to produce not only carrots but also tomatoes, zucchini, sugar loaf and other fruits such as pumpkins and mini-watermelons.

Growing in the sunniest area of Europe offers the advantage of being able to produce at competitive prices even in winter, delivering to our customers a fresh product with unique organoleptic characteristics. 

In Ispica we cultivate in particular the Carota Novella of Ispica PGI and the Tomato of Pachino PGI. For these crops, production specifications have been introduced according to precise rules to maintain the high quality of the product. The regulation provides, for example, crop rotation, integrated pest control, the absence of storage in the fridge.

The hectares cultivated by our company in the area of Ispica are of great value. Our plant in Ispica is indispensable for working and preparing the harvest in the day and sending it as soon as possible throughout Europe. Only in this way can we respond quickly to customer requests and keep intact the fragrance, freshness and quality of the harvested vegetables. In Ispica, we harvest Carota Novella of Ispica PGI, cherry tomato, sugarloaf and zucchini. 

We are part of the Consortium di Tutela della Carota Novella di Ispica PGI, Pomodoro di Pachino PGI and the entire PEF chain is certified and traced according to the highest quality standards in order to deliver to our customers an excellent fresh guaranteed product throughout the year.


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