Code of Ethics


In the social and economic field, companies are increasingly the subject of public attention. 

They are given wide and varied spheres of responsibility. This is due to the fact that the evolution of collective phenomena is maturing in public opinion a common feeling, increasingly widespread, which considers ethics an essential factor in economic relations.

We believe that a company should be evaluated not only for its technical or economic results, but also for its social results. The social effects are produced in the expectations of workers, employees, supply chain companies, consumers, the financial community and the reference one. For many economists such results are correlated. 

In the long term, everyone is, in fact, functional to the pursuit of others and examples that show how the positive social results obtained by a company have a favourable impact on economic ones as well do not seem to lack.

The PEF Code of Ethics is a corporate document approved by the company’s top management in 2020, which explains the rights and duties, responsibilities towards employees, suppliers, customers and public administration. The aim is to identify which behaviours are prohibited and which allowed.

The adoption of an Ethical Code is synonymous with our quality and seriousness.


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