Fresh products processed according to the requirements of the food industry in two modern plants.

For 40 years PEF supply chain is dedicated to the collection in the field and to the improvement of the processes of cleaning, cutting, packaging of vegetables for the food industry of IV and V range. Vegetables are prepared for various functions of use: soup, ready salads, vegetables to cook, sauces,  vegetables preserved in oil or pickled, ready preparations (burger, stick...).

There are many advantages for PEF customers:


  • Reducing the risk of non-production (climate change...)
  • Counting on the collaboration of the PEF quality manager to monitor the entire processing
  • Relying on a fresh and standard product all year round
  • Simplifying and shortening the supply chain
  • Enjoy the technological investments made in PEF plants

The products harvested and processed by PEF for food industry are:


  • Top & tail carrots for cubes, for julienne, for washers, for purees, for juices, for dehydrated.
  • Top & tail pickled carrots
  • Cropped radicchio without core
  • Fresh semi-processed radicchio and sugarloaf
  • Stripped cherry tomatoes removed from their petiole
  • Top & tail zucchini and aubergines

If you want to learn more about the processing, more information is available on the page dedicated to semi-finished products.

The PEF sales team is always ready to meet any request for other products, such as onions, peeled celeriac and potatoes and defoliated cauliflower for industrial use.

For more information Mariachiara Boscolo Bielo is at your disposal, person dedicated to the food industry of IV and V range.



Operational offices

Via P.E. Venturini 248 - 30015 CHIOGGIA (VE) - Italy

+39 041 491544

C. da Garzalla - 97014 ISPICA (RG) - Italy

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