Ideal soil and climate for carrots and radicchio

Chioggia has always been a suitable territory for the agricultural production of carrots and radicchio, known all over the world.

The soil is sandy, created by the mouths of the numerous rivers that come from the Po Valley and plunge into the Adriatic Sea. The climate is milder than the plain, thanks to the proximity of the sea.

Chioggia, in the province of Venice, is historically a perfect area for the cultivation of carrot, a vegetable that prefers loose and deep soils, possibly sandy; it does not harm a certain salinity of the soil. 

Today the cultivation of radicchio and carrots also extends in the province of Rovigo and Ferrara, always in the coast along the coast.

Thanks to the mild climate we have a production advance for the carrot of Chioggia, which thus becomes the best and the coolest available on the market in May and the first half of June. The climate also favours the cultivation of the type of early radicchio.


Here we grow an area of 100 hectares, using the most advanced control techniques integrated with our method that reduces the use of plant protection products by 70% compared to the maximum allowed by Italian legislation. In this way we can offer a short supply chain by controlling all the production phases and guaranteeing to the final consumer the genuineness of our products.

Our production area extends up to the low zone of Ferrara, where there are still sandy soils particularly suitable for the cultivation of carrots and radicchio. In particular, we grow Chioggia carrots and Chioggia radicchio PGI.

We are part of the Consortium for the protection of Radicchio di Chioggia PGI and Fruitimprese Veneto. The entire PEF supply chain in the Chioggia area is certified and traced according to the highest quality standards.

In Chioggia our processing and packaging plant is active; it allows us to reach the target markets throughout Europe in a few hours


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