Other excellences

In the last years we have started to produce continuously baby watermelon and Delica pumpkins, satisfying the particular request of our historical customers. 

Strong of a young, competent and close-knit group, daily in contact with companies and manufacturers all over Europe, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that allows us to satisfy in the shortest time possible the most varied needs of our customers.
Often, in fact, we are asked for products that we do not deal directly, but that we find from the best suppliers all over Europe belonging to our sales network and that guarantee us quality and reliability. 

These are vegetables such as onions, potatoes, rocket, various salads and much more that we can provide in small quotas or in full loads, always according to requests.


    50 trucks a year

    we import more than 2.000 ton a year

    we export more than 500 ton a year

    we work with more than 50 different types of products

Our strength is responding to every request both of the fresh market and of the various food industries also thanks to our logistic knowledge, which allow us to deliver as soon as possible fresh and quality product.

We rely exclusively on the largest logistics companies known throughout Europe and that guarantee a fast, safe and reliable service.
By moving important quantities of products we have managed to establish exclusive partnerships with some of the most important logistics companies and this gives us the opportunity to be even more competitive and efficient with our customers.

We also take into account the strong climate changes that sometimes increase production difficulties, causing sudden product shortages and putting stress on production planning across Europe. Our mission is to try to predict these deficiencies through a rapid supply from the most important producers with whom we have built solid and historical collaborations.