Chioggia Plant - Venice

Chioggia Plant - Venice

Processing and packaging plant in a strategic position for entire Europe


The initial and main headquarters of the company, the Chioggia plant has undergone continuous expansion and constant modernization over the years, thus remaining at the forefront in terms of efficiency. 

Today the focus is on automation and industry 4.0 to enhance processing and packaging lines.

It is able to process and ship 20 trucks of carrots and 3 of radicchio every day, thanks to its high-performance processing lines and the capacity of the 4 large cold stores.

Warehouse and yard cover a total area of 7.000 square meters.

The Chioggia plant is certified Ifs Global GAP and Grasp.

The quality of the work, the efficiency of the plants and the speed are essential to deliver every day in Europe fresh vegetables of the highest quality.


Operational offices

Via P.E. Venturini 248 - 30015 CHIOGGIA (VE) - Italy

+39 041 491544

C. da Garzalla - 97014 ISPICA (RG) - Italy

+39 0932 951822