In our plants carrots become a semi-worked product based on the specific requests of our customers. Thanks to our specialization and gained skills, we are able to anticipate future market demands and to interpret and satisfy the different needs of each customer in a very short time.

Over the past 10 years the commercial strategy we have adopted was to reinvent the supply chain making it slender, thus managing to transform the various requests into productive opportunities. Our true strength is to work the carrots just in time: they are picked up at the first morning when the temperature is optimal, washed and packaged the same day, refrigerated and sent in the main markets and foreign supermarkets the following day. 

PEF carrots are appreciated in all Northern Europe markets for the freshness that distinguishes them from the conserved fridge. This allows to appreciate the product both cooked and raw.

In the last 50 years we have never stopped investing, as well as in production, even in modern working systems in both our processing warehouses, in order to increase production capacity, to improve the quality of the product and guarantee food security, reducing waste of packaging and of goods.

We try to use reusable packaging (EPS and IFCO circuits) as much as possible so as to minimize the use of mono-use boxes and avoid unnecessary plastic waste. 

If you have specific requests contact our team by phone or via message. 


    Nantese, Berlicum, Mokum, Flakke

    Chioggia (Venice), Sicily, Emilia-Romagna, Abruzzo , Marche

    washed, packaged, top&tail

    from 500 g punnets to 1 ton big bag

    all year round

    large scale retail, food industry, Ho.Re.Ca, IV-V range

    GS, Global Gap, Grasp


The carrot of Ispica, increasingly sought-after by final consumers, differs from the others for its intense fragrance, the bright orange colour, sweetness, crunchiness and the greater amount of beta carotene contained.

Our production area is Ispica and the picked-up product is immediately worked at the PEF establishment which is located in the same place.

We are the ideal supplier of the main European chains and the most important food industries. Not only quantities, but also quality: we are part of the consortium of the Carota Novella of Ispica PGI, which Massimo Pavan is president of.

In our plants carrots become a semi-worked product based on the specific requests of our customers.


The carrot of Chioggia has a regular, long and tapered shape, bright and brilliant aspect, intense orange colouring, devoid of every wood, delicate aromatic flavour and good homogeneity between cortex and the heart of the root in relation to the degree of maturation.

We searched and selected the best land where to cultivate the carrot in the Chioggia area: they must be sandy, deep and well drained.

Strong of a close collaboration with the main semen houses, we have implemented a segmentation both at a productive and at a commercial level, proposing different varieties of product, each with particular characteristics that make it more suitable for certain sectors.