Semi-processed products

Thanks to the flexibility of the production process and the efficiency of our plants, we can satisfy our customers both with large volumes and with smaller quantities of semi-processed carrots, radicchio, sugar loaf, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and aubergines.

The semi processed products that PEF work and supply are:

  • Fresh, top and tail, pickled carrots 
  • Round and long radicchio without core
  • Semi-processed fresh radicchio and sugarloaf
  • Stripped cherry tomatoes removed from their petiole
  • Top and tail Zucchini and aubergines 

Thanks to these processes and the large investments we have made with the aim of increasing our quality and quantitative standards, we allow our customers to simplify and shorten their agri-food chain by always delivering fresh product.

Thanks to our strong experience of over 40 years with the most important industries in the agri-food sector and through the work of an internal Quality Manager, we are able to monitor the complete machining process in order to minimize the risks related to it.
In this way our customers can count on a fresh, standard and available product at all times, reducing the risk of non-supply for industries.

  • Top and tail fresh carrots: Our company, constantly looking for the best soil types and thanks to a close collaboration with the most important international seed houses, provides 12 months a year a product with suitable characteristics for the processing of industries. Thanks to the many different requests of our customers, we offer carrots for industry in different sizes and packaging. We have chosen to produce specific varieties in order to enhance the important organoleptic properties that the industry can then transform, segmenting the production process: top and tail carrots for cubes, for julienne, for washers, for puree, for juice, for dehydration.
  • Top and tail pickled carrots: We were able to listen to the need of a customer linked to the sector of some agro-food industries (such as those of pickles) inserting a further production process and offering a semi-processed product preserved in brine. We have availability, in fact, for 12 months a year of pickled carrots stored in barrels with a capacity of 120 litres of drained product.
  • Cropped radicchio without core: Thanks to our experience in providing the main agro-food industries, we have increased a production process such that we are able to market washed and cut radicchio without core. This process allows all the industries that make creams and sauces to have a semi-finished product, fresh and available throughout the year in our containers with sealed freshness saving bag, in order to preserve its quality and in particular to avoid any contamination. This processing is applied not only for the round radicchio, but also for the long and both varieties can be both conventional and organic.

  • Fresh semi-processed radicchio and sugarloaf In the last twenty years we have concentrated our efforts to cooperate more and more with the most important fourth range industries present Europe. The strategy implemented by our company was to provide customers with fresh product and for almost the entire period of the year. Through a strong cooperation with the main seedling houses, planning a careful production and distributing the productive risk in various areas of Italy, we guarantee a product with high self-life and consistent sizes, especially using suitable varieties exclusively for industrial processing. 
Being specialized in these products and being part of an important sales network, we can predict any product shortages and supply them from our foreign producers in order to provide regularly our customers.

In addition to these two products we plan annually supplies of other semi-processed salads (curly, escarole, iceberg) thanks to the various farms that we hold in the most suitable territories of Italy.

  • Stripped cherry tomatoes removed from their petiole: With our controlled production, we supply the most important IV range industries with a stripped, and calibrated product removed from its petiole.
  • Top and tail Zucchini and aubergines: From our factory in Ispica, in addition to the main Italian and foreign supermarkets, we are able to provide the main industries with semi-processed zucchini and aubergines, protected, safe and controlled.

The PEF sales team is able to support the purchasing office of the food industries by meeting any request such as onions, peeled potatoes and celeriac and defoliated cauliflower for industrial use, since for us the customer is first of all a partner with whom to grow together.