Ispica Plant - Sicily

Ispica Plant - Sicily

One of the largest processing and packaging centres in Europe


One of our visionary and winning choices was to focus on the construction of a new plant in Ispica, province of Ragusa, to optimize the cultivation of that area. 

The control of the entire supply chain, from sowing to the packaging of the product, allows us to have full control over quality, time and costs.


The Ispica plant was built in 1999, has 6.000 square meters covered and a processing plant. 

The real strength is the carrot processing plant equipped with two hydrocoolers. All the goods are cooled in line, thanks to the presence of 2 hydrocoolers that greatly increase the shelf-life of the product itself, allowing you to also provide distant countries. 


Two advantages also for the environment, results of technological investments:

  1. part of the water used in the processing process is constantly filtered and recycled
  2. the plant is almost self-sufficient from an energy point of view thanks to a large photovoltaic system, therefore with CO2 emissions almost close to zero.


The Ispica processing center is certified Ifs, Global GAP, since 2004, and Grasp.

The packaging center, one of the largest and most modern in Europe, develops a working capacity of 300 tons per day, managing to meet the demands of customers in a short but intense harvest campaign.


Operational offices

Via P.E. Venturini 248 - 30015 CHIOGGIA (VE) - Italy

+39 041 491544

C. da Garzalla - 97014 ISPICA (RG) - Italy

+39 0932 951822